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Food waste in hotels

Food waste in hotels is a concern many hotel restaurants are involved in, regardless of which meals are served during the day. There are several ways to attack this problem. We at Generation Waste are convinced that systematic work with measurement, registration, and follow-up contributes to more circular thinking and action. Food waste can be reduced through behavioural changes in hotel kitchen employees and diners, which in turn leads to increased profitability - and a more sustainable future.

Registration creates awareness 

A major step on the way to reducing food waste in hotels is to register the waste on an ongoing basis. This leads to increased awareness among the staff. Food waste is divided into three distinct categories - in this way, a clear picture is created of what type of food waste your business generates. 

Different categories of food waste

  • Kitchen waste

  • Serving waste

  • Plate waste

The measuring tool we have developed is a tool developed by chefs for restaurant staff. It converts food waste into money. Registration takes place either via an iPad or smartphone. You can then follow up on the statistics and relevant key figures for your business, for example, how much food each guest throws away on average. The statistics give you in black and white where and how food waste occurs. The numbers can then form the basis of decisions and come in handy when you need to locate improvement measures.

Read more about our food measuring tool.


We at Generation Waste are happy to provide education on how hotel restaurants can work to reduce food waste. Our lecturers take an educational look at how you can work sustainably throughout the chain, from menu planning to cool food. The goal of the program is to provide all participants with more knowledge about why we need to work with food waste and how to reduce food waste, both in the short and long term. 


We can, of course, arrange for a tailor-made arrangement if you wish. We either meet over teams or we come out to your hotel, or we meet in our new premises (with over 20 seats) where we offer training, workshops, lectures, cooking classes, and dinners. Read more about our food education. 

Food waste in hotels- customer case

We are used to developing customized solutions for hotel kitchens around the country. A common task that we undertake is to reduce food waste in hotels and in municipal kitchens. Here are examples of hotels we collaborate with.

Högsbo Brukshotell

Högsbo Brukshotell stuck to our approach around differentiated values ​​and broader employee engagement. Our measurement tool will facilitate the registration of food waste and create clear key figures.

Jula Hotell & Konferens

Jula is a well-known retail chain, but what many do not know is that the same group (Jula Holding Group) also operates three hotels. Our digital measurement system will make waste sorting more efficient and reduce (combustible waste).

Comfort Hotels

Comfort Hotel's staff have reduced food waste by involving and engaging both guests By presenting statistics to the hotel's guests (produced by our measurement tool), they have succeeded in reducing plate waste.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to discuss a collaboration!

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