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Evin Consulting begins collaboration with Generation Waste

We are pleased to announce that Evin Consulting AB is starting a collaboration with Generation Waste.

Evin Consulting begins collaboration with Generation Waste

Sustainability is about creating a better world for the future. But sustainability is also about business benefits for entrepreneurs and spans across multiple areas. Social, economic, and environmental sustainability form a unity for sustainable development.

It is also a key success factor for being a competitive company. Today, sustainability is a prerequisite to being attractive as a supplier, as a customer, as a collaborative partner, and as an employer.

Evin Consulting AB works on sustainable development in various industries, such as the hotel and tourism sector, regarding eco-labels, policies, procedures, goals, and much more to establish a framework for their sustainability efforts. Each project is customized to meet the client's needs and circumstances.

"In most of my assignments, my task is to structure the whole and think holistically about the company's sustainability efforts, as well as to help companies identify areas for improvement and what can be done in the short and long term to reduce their environmental impact. Generation Waste is an expert in the field of food waste, and it feels reassuring to be able to collaborate with a knowledgeable partner and have confidence that they help my clients make a difference," says Tommy Evin, Evin Consulting AB.

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