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Superkons begins collaboration with Generation Waste

Superkon's vision is to accelerate environmental goals through waste reduction and accountable emissions management inspired by Scandinavian design.

Superkons begins collaboration with Generation Waste

Superkons is a pioneering sustainable impact company based in Gothenburg, dedicated to offering powder concentrates for personal and home care products.

Water-rich hygiene products, such as shampoos, soaps, and body washes, have been found to have a significant environmental impact since 95% of them are water, not to mention the production of single-use plastics, and create unnecessary emissions in transportation with higher delivery costs. To address this issue, Superkons has introduced probiotic waterless powder concentrations and provided refillable bottles for consumers to use as a reusable solution when diluted with water at home.

We believe the collaboration between Superkons and Generation Waste is promising and impactful. Both entities share a commitment to sustainability, and by joining forces, they can leverage their unique strengths to address environmental challenges effectively. The collaboration seems well-aligned with their shared values, and we anticipate positive outcomes in terms of promoting eco-friendly practices in businesses and contributing to a more sustainable future.

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