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To achieve success in your sustainability efforts, you and your colleagues need to be inspired and, most importantly, understand why it is crucial to reduce food waste. In our training sessions, we provide you with concrete tips on how to practically minimize your food waste. We also explain the relevance of the UN's global goals to the restaurant business.


Professionell konsultation

Once the food waste has been weighed, registered, and any necessary changes identified, it's time for the real process of change. This is when leftover management is reviewed, and adjustments are made in purchasing and menu planning. To ensure a smooth transition, we offer relevant lectures and training in the field.

In our training sessions, we cover the entire chain from menu planning and purchasing to cooling and leftover management. The training is tailored to your specific needs and can be conducted on-site, digitally, or through our web-based learning platform. The goal of these training sessions is to provide all participants with a better understanding and increased knowledge to reduce food waste in their daily work."

Ni kan boka oss för 1-3h konsultation eller
fördjupad rådgivning.


Training plan

In our plan for reducing food waste, we follow 10 steps that are inspired by the Gothenburg model, which gives proven results.

• Menu planning

• Purchase

• Number of guests

• Cooking

• Serving

• Cooling down

• Reuse/waste management

• Weighing and registration

• Inventory control and food storage

• Communication and motivation

Fördjupad rådgivning

Vi erbjuder oss att se över er verksamhet för att få en grundförståelse för era behov. Därefter tar vi fram ett förslag på möjliga lösningar för minskat matsvinn anpassat till era förutsättningar.

Do you want to enhance the knowledge within your work team or simply provide your group with some extra inspiration? We offer tailored training, cooking courses, and dinners. Check out our training proposals and contact us below, and we will provide more information.

Sustainable consumption and production

Inspiration, understanding, and involvement are three essential elements for creating change, and at Generation Waste, we understand this through experience.

When you collaborate with us at Generation Waste, you actively work towards sustainable consumption and production in line with our Global Goal 12. Specifically, we contribute to achieving Target 12.3, which aims to halve global food waste by 2030.


Our involvement in your operations promotes a responsible approach, and we place great emphasis on including everyone in sustainability efforts. We create an understanding of sustainability from a broader perspective, encompassing several of the United Nations' global goals in Agenda 2030, which can engage your employees.


Sustainable consumption not only brings environmental benefits but also social and economic advantages, such as increased competitiveness, growth in both the local and global markets, higher employment rates, improved health, and reduced poverty. The transition to sustainable consumption and production of goods is a necessity to reduce our negative impact on the climate and the environment."

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