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Småland municipality Tingsryd begins cooperation with Generation Waste

Just like many other municipalities, Tingsryd Municipality is struggling with financial challenges and has savings requirements for 2022, so at first, it was far from obvious to start a collaboration with Generation Waste and be able to justify the cost of a new system. After some internal changes with pre-cooks and controllers, the decision was made to start weighing and measuring in 4 preparation kitchens and 3 reception kitchens as well as in 4 departments within preschool and elderly care as part of saving money and working towards a better environment.

Småland municipality Tingsryd begins cooperation with Generation Waste

In 2020, the municipality carried out a wastage measurement spread over 4 weeks during the year, when it was established that there was a large amount of wastage, especially in the reception kitchen. The figures obtained were entered into an Excel document. With Generation Waste's measurement tool, you will be able to follow up the statistics in a good way in the future because the system is so much more than just a data form.

Jonas Lennartsson, who is assistant meal manager and responsible for the kitchens that will start measuring, explains. "Reduced waste is a consequence of working towards a better environment and we want to spend money on other things than throwing them in the bins. By getting a digital system in place, the numbers will not be left hanging on a refrigerator door with the risk of disappearing. Generation Waste has made a serious impression along the way and we look forward to starting up in our kitchens.”

Jonas sees that lectures and training aimed at providing concrete tools to reduce food waste are an important part of creating consensus and making visible the important work around food waste. "It would have been great if all levels could be included in the training and inspiration so that the municipality works together against food waste.

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