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Generation Waste begins collaboration with Chalmers Konferens

Chalmers Konferens & Restauranger is part of the Chalmers student union business group, which is owned and operated by Chalmers Student Union and is located on the Chalmers campus Johanneberg, at Lindholmen Science Park and at Universeum. Chalmers Konferens operates several restaurant and café units, service units and conference operations.

Generation Waste begins collaboration with Chalmers Konferens

Chalmers Konference collaboration with Generation Waste
''I have collaborated with Daniel Oddhammar and Generation Waste before and know that it is an effective and good way to start measuring your food waste. Initially, we want a tool that makes it clear how much food is wasted, we want to create awareness among both the staff, our guests and partners,'' says Isabell Dagman - Kardell, Vice President, Chalmers Studentkårs Restaurang AB

When Isabell is asked what the key to good sustainability work is, she answers: ''A strategic plan with broken down goals that are communicated both externally and internally. I think that many companies do a lot of good things. However, you are generally worse at communicating this with employees and customers. We are environmentally certified and want to continue and get higher certifications.''
We at Gerenraton Waste look forward to helping Chalmers along the way and are happy to have them on board for reduced food waste and sustainable development!

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