Luna Creatives AB begins collaboration with Generation Waste

Luna is a tech agency with a future mindset and we build websites, apps and admin tools. It was founded by Erik who has a love for entrepreneurship and technology. At Luna, we are helpful and support our customers in their digital journey.

Luna Creatives AB begins collaboration with Generation Waste

Luna helps build and develop Generation Waste's entire digital infrastructure, which includes mobile app, web app, website, server, IT support and project management.

''The whole team likes working with Generation Waste because the vision is inspiring and the purpose is so clear - to solve the world's most unnecessary problem, which is throwing away food. Generation Waste will be a world-leading company in waste-tech and has inspired at least 100,000 chefs to reduce food waste in 10 years'', says Erik Nguyen, CEO & Founder, Luna Creatives AB.

Best sustainability tips from Luna Creatives AB

1. Stay warm with merino wool clothes and slippers instead of heating the home

2. Try to fix things instead of buying new ones

3. Cook seasonal food and use all the food you buy

4. Watch out when stores sell soon-to-expire food as you can usually eat it even after the expiry date

5. Cut down on beef and cod

6. Have respect for the origin of the food and the resources required to grow it /breed what ends up in your fridge!