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2028 New World Agency begins collaboration with Generation Waste

We are pleased to announce that we are starting a new collaboration with 2028 New World Agency.

2028 New World Agency begins collaboration with Generation Waste

2028 New World Agency is a communication agency based in Gothenburg that assists companies, organizations, and brands in the present, but also a future-thinking, strategic partner aiming to support organizations in making better decisions and investments. They build strong brands, develop communication concepts and campaigns, and provide marketing services across various platforms including web, film, social media, events, signs, and printed media.

"The whole world needs to transition, think innovatively, and find their roles in a new circular economy. We are all aware of the situation, yet progress is slow. For us at 2028 New World Agency, we see it as our mission to help. We simply want to support all the good forces working towards a more circular society. We are pleased to work with Generation Waste to encourage more people to reduce food waste and lessen the burden on our environment," says Magnus Lindau, Art Director and Illustration Artist at 2028 New World Agency.

Among their clients are everything from major corporations like Volvo Group, SKF, and Platzer to circular and digital start-ups with new exciting ideas.

We look forward to making a difference and driving positive change towards a more sustainable and circular future together with the 2028 New World Agency.

Read more about 2028 New World Agency:

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