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"When we reach 43 grams/diner, we will celebrate together"

On 1 October 2020, Bollebygd municipality started a collaboration with Generation Waste. Six months later, they set new goals in the fight against food waste. They are based on figures produced with Generation Waste's measurement tool.

By registering the number of guests and food waste daily in Generation Waste's application, Bollebygds Kommun has now been able to produce an average figure that shows how many grams each guest throws away/per day.

-At autumn's measurement, we averaged 47 grams of total food waste/dinner in preschool and school. At Bollebygdskolan, which is our largest cooking kitchen, we are at 40-50 grams/diner, says Therese Lindh, Head of Unit at meal operations.

Based on these figures, the municipality of Bollebygd is based when they are to reach the goals they have adopted in Climate 2030 - western Götaland is changing.

- The goal is set based on what we are on today together with a goal set in Climate 2030, where Bollebygd municipality has said that food waste is a priority area and specified 43 grams/diner as a goal. We also have a common waste plan where the proposed goal in 2030 is 37 grams/diner, says Therese Lindh.

Have developed together

The municipality of Bollebyggd has high ambitions, so high that together with Generation Waste they developed the measurement tool.

- The collaboration with Generation Waste has been exciting and rewarding. We are dedicated and have a high level of ambition, therefore we challenge and have worked out some areas of improvement based on our way of working and we see moredevelopment opportunitiese Thisis becauses we are Generation Waste's first public customer. I feel that we have many similarities with private actors but of course, there are also differences, says Therese Lindh.

For Generation Waste, the collaboration with Bollebygd municipality has meant joy, but as I said, they have also had a lot of challenges. Among other things, thanks to Bollebygd municipality's high ambitions, Generation Waste has developed the portal so that it is now possible to find out what each guest throws away on average and how much it costs.

- The collaboration has worked very well. Therese Lindh and the kitchen staff do a great job. They have understood the importance of our tool so well that they wanted to develop it, which I am incredibly satisfied with, says Daniel Oddhammar.

One step at a time in the fight against food waste

Therese Lindh and Bollebygds Municipality are taking one step at a time in the fight against food waste. Hopefully, they reach their goals and continue to inspire with their forward thinking.

- We continue to measure and follow up. We started by focusing on our waste - i.e. serving waste. Now we are in the starting pits to take on Plate Waste and bring our diners along. The first step to reach is 43 grams/dinner, when we are there we will celebrate together with our diners. Then we aim for partial targets down to 37 grams/diner, says Therese Lindh.

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