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Meet our new investor: TKlein AB

Klein AB is a family business where Tommy Klein and Kristoffer Klein use joint expertise and try to see the long-term way to drive the company forward. Along with investing in start-ups, they are also members of several local networks and investment groups.

Tommy Klein has over 40 years of global management experience in large multinational companies and he has worked in many business cycles, both profitable and troubled. Tommy has also worked for several years as chairman of the board in several companies where he has contributed to stimulating business management, for long-term sustainable and profitable growth.

Kristoffer Klein has in recent years taken an active role in the company, he mainly has 15 years of experience in the Logistics Industry, both local and global, now with the main focus on the project market and on driving sales operations forward in the current company.

When Tommy and Kristoffer are asked why they have chosen to become investors in Generation Waste, they answer: 'First of all, the timing is right. The team behind GW is very driven and already after the first meeting, we felt great trust in Daniel and his entire vision for the journey ahead. We believe we see GW as part of a larger group and pursue the issues on a global basis.

Through previous board assignments, Tommy and Kristoffer have experience in building profitability but at the same time help with market opportunities.

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