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Meet our investor – Per Hjalmarö

Before 2021 took off, Generation Waste managed to get three new investors into the company. The first to be presented is Per Hjalmarö. - We are extremely happy that Per has become part of us and we know that with his many years of expertise in sales and marketing, he will lift Generation Waste to new heights, says Daniel Oddhammar.

Tell us a little about your background, Per

-I have worked with sales and marketing since 1996, most of which in IT development, payroll, HR systems, and outsourcing. Today I work as Head of Marketing & Business Development at FörsäkringsGirot. I come from a small community in Tjörn, Skärhamn, but have been living in Stockholm, Södermalm for over 20 years.

Why have you chosen to become an investor in Generation Waste?

-Generation Waste is a fantastic company with long-term goals that can change the behavior of companies, organizations, and people around food waste and recycling. In addition, I have great confidence in Daniel, who is a driving force and is very passionate about this area.

Where do you think Generation Waste will be in 10 years?

We will be an attractive employer with the leading software in food waste and recycling that provides companies, organizations, and individuals with enormously important decision-making information to run their businesses in the sustainable way that the future requires.

What is your role on the Board and how will your expertise be used in the boardroom?

My role is as a board member. My background in software and sales/marketing of services I see will come in handy. I have also been involved in both the rise and fall of companies and know what it takes for a company to grow.

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