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Meet our investor – Niclas Möller

It is with pride that we can present Niclas Möller as a new investor in Generation Waste. Niclas Möller has many years of experience in the restaurant industry. He most recently comes from a CEO assignment at Harry's restaurants, which is also where he first came into contact with Generation Waste.

Tell us a little about your background, Niclas I have a background in the restaurant industry. As a long-time leader and CEO of Harrys, I have been able to take part and make an impression together with the team and all restaurateurs. It has been an industry on the rise with good growth in recent years. In parallel, I work with a couple of board assignments and have been interested in sustainability issues for a long time. Why have you chosen to become an investor in Generation Waste? I had the chance to get to know Daniel through my previous assignment and got to test the effects of the Generation Waste system. Through the insights and the impact that can be made on the waste of resources and the economy, the decision was easy. More should follow. I see incredible potential in the people behind it and ist system. It will be exciting to be able to follow along on the journey ahead. Where do you think Generation Waste will be in 10 years? The world is changing rapidly. More people should realize that the opportunities to change contribute to development and improvement. Generation Waste is there and I think it will show the world ist potential. I also believe that with the people in GW's management as the driving force, the company will become a driving voice for sustainability, reduced food waste, and resource recycling, from farm to table. What is your role on the Board and how will your expertise be used in the boardroom? As a sounding board, tactician, and challenger in matters of strategy. I hope to be a resource with insights from the customer side that can help and take the business forward in the coming years. If you want to know more about Niclas, listen to when we interview him in our Podcast - A good example

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