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Four tips for long sustainability and reduced strawberry wastage!

This is how you increase the quality of your strawberries and handle them smartly!

Four tips to reduce strawberry wastage!

  1. Always rinse the strawberries with the blast on.

  2. Pick them properly, handle the knife and the strawberry carefully, and do not cut more than necessary when grooming them.

  3. Bathe the strawberries in a mixture of 1 dl of vinegar + 1 liter of water for ½-1 minute. Then bacteria die that contribute to the strawberries quickly going bad.

  4. Store the strawberries in the fridge and take them out a while before serving.

Ten interesting facts about our strawberries

  1. Every year, 30 million liters of Swedish strawberries are harvested in Sweden. That's about 3–4 liters of old man per person per year.

  2. Soon it will be midsummer. Then we consume a breathtaking 4–5 million liters of fresh strawberries.

  3. Strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges. A portion of strawberries (à 125) provides more than the recommended daily intake (75 mg) of vitamin C. The content also increases with the degree of ripeness – the redder the strawberries, the higher the vitamin C content.

  4. Strawberries contain more antioxidants than most fruits we otherwise eat (apples, oranges, and bananas). The total content of antioxidants in strawberries is, for example, 5–10 times higher than in apples.

  5. Several different kinds of strawberries ripen at different times, so we can enjoy our favorites all summer long.

  6. On many farms in Sweden, you can pick the strawberries yourself and pay by weight. Self-picking accounts for about 20 percent of total strawberry sales.

  7. Throughout the country, strawberries are grown on an area equivalent to 3,500 football pitches, 2,500 hectares.

  8. Just over 600 companies grow strawberries in Sweden. Even north of the Arctic Circle, strawberries are grown, although the largest cultivation is in the southern parts of the country.

  9. It is unusual to be allergic to just strawberries, but if you have a pollen allergy or food allergy, you may also have a hypersensitivity to strawberries. However, scientists and doctors agree that the benefit exceeds any harmless rash. There are about 2,000 proteins in a strawberry and of those, only one contains the allergen hypersensitive can react to.

  10. Tunnel cultivation gives a longer harvest of strawberries than would otherwise be possible in our country. In addition, chemical pesticides can be avoided in the tunnels and only biological plant protection can be used. So good for both us and nature!

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