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Bollebygd municipality - First municipality in Sweden to use mobile app to register food waste

Bollebygdskolan's kitchen will take the next step in its sustainability work, with the help of Generation Waste's new mobile application. - We hope to be able to make visible what we only have a feeling about today, says the unit manager of meal operations, Therese Lindh.

For a few years now, Bollebygdsskolan's kitchen has weighed its total food waste twice a year and its plate waste daily, that is, the food waste that arises from guests. Now they want to take the work to the next level and start measuring all food waste every day. The digital measurement tool offered by Generation Waste will make it possible for Bollebygd municipality to get a clear overview of how much food is thrown away in total.

We have had the routine of measuring our total food waste twice a year and also participated in the Swedish Food Agency's national survey. However, I have understood that a success factor is to measure continuously. This has been difficult to implement without a tool, says Therese Lindh, unit manager at the meals business.

Looking forward to Agenda 2030 The investment is in line with Bollebygd's participation in "climate 2030 - Västra Götaland", which is a gathering of forces for western Swedish actors for a sustainable future. But the investment is also in line with the global goals "Agenda 2030", where a partial goal is to reduce global food waste by 50% until the year 2030. We have Agenda 2030 to look forward to and then we have also chosen to join "Climate 2030 - Västra Götaland is changing" where reduced food waste is included, says Therese Lindh

With the mobile application, the chefs must register the food waste in four different fractions - Plate waste, buffet waste, kitchen waste, and food waste. The application then converts food waste into money and enables the chefs to compare food waste over time. Generation Waste's CEO Daniel Oddhammar is convinced that measuring food waste is a necessary first step. When the City of Gothenburg managed to reduce its food waste by 50% in two years, its first step was to start measuring food waste. We also have our examples of measurement being a decisive factor; our customer Comfort hotel managed to reduce its food waste by 30% in one year, and then measuring the food waste was the first step, says Daniel Oddhammar. Food waste in Sweden's school kitchens – A big problem On Tuesday 22/9, Generation Waste visited Bollebygdsskolan to go through the system and inspire the chefs to start working for a better climate. Generation Waste, led by Daniel Oddhammar, left Bollebygd with a good feeling. After the meeting with Therese and the engaging chefs, I am convinced that together we can make a difference and inspire other kitchens to do the same. The food waste that occurs in Sweden's schools is a big problem and if you haven't started working to reduce it, then it's high time, says Daniel Oddhammar. Like Daniel Oddhammar, Therese Lindh and the chefs left the meeting with a good feeling. Daniel could get the chefs thinking. We could collectively look up from our garbage bag to the earth as a whole. I am quite convinced that we all left our meeting with a feeling of hope, says Therese Lindh.

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