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And Hotell Linköping has successfully reduced food waste by 12 grams per guest

We are pleased to announce that And Hotell Linköping has reduced by 12 grams per guest in 5 months.

We asked them what they do to achieve reductions, and here are their responses:

  • All peels are turned into chips.

  • Egg whites are transformed into meringues.

  • Leftover bread becomes breadcrumbs.

  • The food is served on smaller plates.

  • The buffet isn't replenished when reservations are completed.

  • Initial servings are smaller, and guests can request more if they're particularly hungry.

We thank And Hotell Linköping for choosing Generation Waste to reduce food waste in their kitchen and work more sustainably.

For And Hotell Linköping, partnering with Generation Waste aligns seamlessly with their broader sustainability efforts. The collaboration has allowed And Hotell Linköping to take control of food waste while also saving money!

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