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Project management - for reduced food waste


1500 kr


60 min

Generation Waste has good experience in project management within restaurant and meal development and has experience from various assignments from both commercial and municipal restaurant operations. We can therefore offer you professional consultation and project management for reduced food waste.   


Do you need project management for reduced food waste?  

Do you have an idea and a goal that you need support to achieve? Let us do a preliminary study, set a process plan and project manage that work together with you. We draw up the map and involve key people in the process.  

We collect data and set milestones. We lead and follow up the project with continuous reconciliations. Finally, we summarize and report a results report with possible references to further investments.    


Lina Andersson Fasth

Lina works as Head of Training at Generation Waste. Lina was one of Sweden's first ''Måltidspedgoger'' and she is a trained high school teacher for restaurant education.

Lina Andersson Fasth
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