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Consultation on food waste - consultation and analysis


950 kr


60 min

Generation Waste has good experience in restaurant and meal development and has experience from various assignments from both commercial and municipal restaurant operations. We can therefore offer you professional consultation for reduced food waste.   


Do you need new ideas and a plan for how you can reduce food waste in your organization? We offer to review your business/businesses to create a basic understanding of your needs. We then analyze ideas and suggestions for possible solutions for reduced food waste adapted to your conditions.    


We examine the part or parts you want, for example, the dining room environment, serving methods, routines, and work in the kitchen. The analysis is documented, and we inform you that in the next step, together with us if desired, you set a plan for reduced food waste in your business. The purpose of the consultation is for you to be able to process target-oriented work to reduce food waste. 

*Travel time is charged at SEK 550 per hour


Lina Andersson Fasth

Lina works as Head of Training at Generation Waste. Lina was one of Sweden's first ''Måltidspedgoger'' and she is a trained high school teacher for restaurant education.

Lina Andersson Fasth
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